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Biometrics Help With Time Theft

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Employers have always faced challenges when it comes to employee attendance and time tracking. Making sure your employees are where they need to be, and working, can be a struggle if you don’t trust the timekeeping methods you are using. Paper time punching can have many errors, and there is a risk of “buddy punching”. This practice, where one worker clocks in for another, can be a big problem in some businesses, and paper methods of timekeeping, or a swiped card may not be effective enough. If you want the most advanced way of tracking your employees’ time, and eliminating time theft, you need to consider biometrics.


What are biometrics? Biometric time clocks use unique physical characteristics to uniquely identify a person. They used to be the stuff of sci-fi, or James Bond movies, but now are a very accessible and useful technology. Identification through biometrics is accurate, secure, and user-friendly. The most common form of biometric time clocks use fingerprint technology to recognize each unique worker, and punch them in only when they are physically there. A fingerprint scanner ensures that your employee really was physically present when they punched in, and that they didn’t somehow beat the system with a buddy punch. When you utilize biometric identification for time punching in your business, your workers are signing in with credentials that cannot be lost, forgotten, guessed, or easily duplicated. Using biometrics results in less time theft.

Time Theft

Time theft is an increasing problem in many workplaces. While nothing physical is being stolen, the theft of time can be extremely costly to a business. If your employees are being paid for hours they are not working, your company’s time is being stolen.

As mentioned earlier, buddy punching is one of the most common forms of time theft.  An American Payroll Association study found that over 75 percent of companies lose money from buddy punching, and employees reported stealing roughly 4.5 hours a week, which is the equivalent of six weeks vacation! These are just the statistics of those workers who were admitting to buddy punching, and there are probably many more unreported lost hours.

Another form of time theft is found in the false punch, where time is tracked using a password or personal identification number based system. Passwords, PINs, and ID cards can all be easily shared, and a punch can be made on one worker’s behalf by another worker with this information. A false punch can indicate a worker was present who was not, and result in lost hours of productivity.

If you are still using a paper-based punch system, your employees may be tempted to fudge their time, or round up to the nearest hour. Think of how these extra minutes can easily add up into hours that you pay your employees for work that wasn’t done. 

Lunch breaks are another opportunity for time theft. A 30 minute lunch break can regularly become a 45 minute one, and if this happens every workday, an hour and fifteen minutes of work are lost each week. Smoke breaks are also a place where time theft occurs, and a study by Ohio State University found that each smoker costs employers more than $5,816 than non-smokers, due to breaks and lost productivity.

Time cards, while they can be a great solution for some businesses, can also be abused and lead to time theft. If your employees don’t want their time to be tracked, a time card malfunction is an excuse to avoid tracking. Saying the machine wouldn’t take your card, you swiped your card but it must not have read it, or that you forgot your card, are all excuses that make it hard to know if your employees were really working the correct number of hours.

There are many ways that employees can steal time, and that theft affects a business’s’ bottom line. Whether your business needs to eliminate buddy punching, punching in earlier or later than scheduled, or employees inflating their hours, you need to find a solution that works and is easy to implement. This is where biometrics come in.

How Biometrics Help

Biometrics use facial recognition, fingerprint tracking, or vein-pattern scanning to uniquely identify workers and instantly record their attendance. Fingerprint tracking is the most common, and you will never lose or forget your fingerprint—it is always with you. You cannot share your fingerprint with coworkers like you can share a keycard, PIN, or password. The convenience of using biometrics makes it easy to implement them in any business. Biometrics can improve workforce productivity by decreasing the time spent on manually keeping track of time and attendance records, and can lower your staffing costs if you are spending money on older time tracking methods. Biometrics can save you all of that money lost through false punches, or inflated hours worked. That is money that can go back into your business. You will also save time and money through eliminating the IT problems that come with lost swipe cards and passwords. A biometric timekeeping system makes it so easy for employees to clock in and out, and provides easily accessible reports of your employees time.

There are also benefits to the employee. They no longer need to be responsible for tracking their hours, and possibly underestimating how much they are working. Biometrics can streamline a business’s payroll system and result in employees getting paid sooner. Once employees see how easy a biometric system is, there won’t be much resistance to implementing it.

So if you are looking for a solution that will effectively track time and eliminate time theft, Timeco offers online employee biometric time clocks that can help. Biometrics take the guesswork out of payroll, and accurately track each employee based on their unique, unshareable characteristics. If you want to be confident that you are paying your employees for exactly the hours they work, biometrics are the answer. Don’t let your company’s precious time be stolen—let us demo our biometric solutions for you today!

Addressing Employee Complaints

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There have been estimates that employers can spend up to 7 minutes entering EACH employee timesheet. This doesn’t even include the time spent tracking down inaccuracies and problems resulting from late submissions or errors. Imagine those minutes multiplied by tens, or even hundreds of employees! That is a lot of time lost on time management that could be spent doing more important things for your business. So time tracking software is great for employers, but what about employees? As with any new implementation there can be resistance to new changes and ideas, and time tracking is no exception. Read on for how your employees may resist the change to time tracking, and what you can do to ease the transition.

Employee Complaint #1: I will forget to enter my time.

Any new system takes a bit of time to really take hold, and time tracking is no exception. If your employees have not been previously tracking their time, or using an outdated system, they may feel unfamiliar with the new methods. Eventually, clocking in or out will become second nature, and they won’t be able to start work without it. This is especially true if they need to scan in before opening work doors, and our barcode, magnetic, proximity and biometric time clocks can take the need to remember out of the equation. Never wonder again who is late, or who left early. Timeco’s timekeeping solutions automate the tracking to eliminate relying on employees to remember to manually clock in and out.

Employee Complaint #2: It is intrusive.

This is a common reaction that can be easily remedied through the passage of time. After a short time of tracking implementation your employees will just see it as another normal part of the workday.  If your employees seem resistant, you can reassure them that you are making changes for the good of the company as a whole, and that invasion of privacy is not your intent. If anything, especially if your employees get paid by the hours they work, you are wanting to ensure that they get fairly paid for every hour worked. Having each employee uniquely clock in eliminates any “buddy punching” or having to utilize other employees to verify if an individual was indeed working. If you have a job, something needs to be tracked to measure performance, and time is an easy way to start. Timeco wants to make sure that all of your employee’s hours are accurately tracked.

Employee Complaint #3: It is tedious.

Maybe in the past systems could be tedious, but with all of the technological advances, this is no longer the case. Time clocking can happen as you walk in the office door, and now can even take place remotely. Mobile access to time clock software allows your employees to clock in and out even when they are at home or on the road. Time clock software has never been easier, and your employees will enjoy all of the advances that have been made. Timeco strives to make the process as easy as possible for both employee and employer.

Employee Complaint #4: It will take time away from my work.

Our timekeeping solutions will do just the opposite! Keeping track of time has been shown to increase productivity, and Timeco’s system is so easy that it won’t interfere with your normal work routine at all. If anything, it can give a broader picture of exactly how much time is being spent working, and you will be able to modify your business plan around that information

Employee Complaint #5: I just don’t like it.

Well, you can’t please everyone, but you can make adapting to the new changes a little more enticing. Offering incentives for employees that quickly adhere to the new time software will make them want to quickly get on board. You could offer free coffee or lunches to teams who utilize the timekeeping software the most quickly, and encourage everyone to compete and utilize the new methods. At Timeco, we think that both employers and employees will quickly see how beneficial our time clock software can be.

Employee Complaint #6: My schedule is erratic/I don’t work in a physical building.

We have already touched on this, but you don’t need to have a physical clocking in at an office building to enjoy the benefits of Timeco. Our system works anywhere you have internet access, whether at home on your computer, or on the go on your mobile device. If you frequently travel, this creates an extremely easy way to stay accountable and make sure you get paid for all of the hours you work.

As you can see, there aren’t many complaints that can stand up to the innovation and ease of Timeco’s timesheet system. Employees can always be hesitant to implement new methods in the workplace, but by addressing their concerns early you can make the transition a little easier. Timeco continues to strive to deliver the best timekeeping solutions with the best customer service. Get a free demo today to see how Timeco can help your business!


How Can Timekeeping Software Benefit Your Business?

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Timekeeping software can really help your business! If you have been on the fence about whether you need timekeeping software, it is time to read on to discover the many benefits. Timekeeping software streamlines and simplifies timekeeping, and leaves more time for other crucial parts of your business. There will always be obstacles in the business world, but you don’t have to let timekeeping be one of them!


Everyone thinks they will remember if they left an hour early, or came in before work to get a headstart on the day. Once the day is done, there is little chance you will remember what day you came in early, when you stayed late, or if you took a longer lunch. There are enough things to focus on as an employee, and remembering your hours shouldn’t be one of them. Fifteen minutes here or there may not seem like much, but fifteen minutes late from lunch just four times equals an hour of lost work! Conversely, coming in fifteen minutes early four times would give you that extra hour of pay! Timekeeping software can free up your employees to focus on what is important, while still logging the necessary hours. Don’t wait until the end of the week, or the month, to try to reconcile employee timecards, let time clock software help you organize! Every minute can be tracked when you use an online system.

Focus and Productivity

Tracking hours can make projects and deadlines more attainable, and give your employees a sense of urgency regarding their work. Knowing that online time clock software is recording their hours can make the workday seem more important. Time clock software can put very clear parameters on work that needs to be completed, and help ensure it is done in a timely manner. If your employees are running behind on tasks, knowing that their hours are being tracked can help them reevaluate their work habits and prioritize what needs to get done. Help your employees focus with time clock software!

Remote Workers

If you have employees who work from home, drive for work, or have frequent off-site meetings with clients, it can be hard to accurately track their hours. Time clock software is the answer, and with online logins, your employees can access their time punches from their home computer or mobile phone. You won’t have to worry that your remote workers are not completing the necessary amount of hours, with time clock software you will have a clear picture of all of their punches. Even the playing field between on-site and remote workers by having everyone utilize timekeeping software.


Some companies bill their clients based on the number of employee hours worked for them. How can you expect to accurately bill if you have no idea how many hours were worked? A quick way to lose a customer is to overbill them due to timekeeping errors. On the other hand, if you are not tracking hours, you may be undercharging and not even know it. Timekeeping software allows you to have complete transparency with your clients regarding hours worked. Get your timesheet in line and help organize your billing as well.

Understanding Workflow

Without timekeeping software, you may not really know where your employee’s hours are going. Time clock software can give a larger picture of the business as a whole, and point to where employees are spending their time. Projects and tasks can be rearranged as necessary to help those employees who need it, while having in mind larger goals. You can also more easily spot inefficiencies in your company through timekeeping software, and where time is being wasted.


These examples are just touching on the many benefits of time clock software. You can really improve your business, and get a better overview of your business, by utilizing time clock software. Timeco is proud to offer online solutions in time clocks and attendance, labor tracking, scheduling, timesheets, and more. Our solutions can integrate with payroll and HR systems, and we provide ongoing support. Don’t let the inaccuracy of traditional timekeeping hold your business back. If you are ready to make a great change for your business, contact Timeco today!