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The heads up display is designed with 16 different configurable options which include leave request, exceptions, approaching overtime, who is logged in and many more. These controls will allow you to quickly see an overview of your employees performance.

Employee Maintenance
Your HR managers will appreciate they easy administration of employee records with unlimited department segments, schedule maintenance based on templates, and role-based permissioins.

By using industry standard technology and databases, we provide troublefree integration with virtually all major ERP and payroll applications.
Leave request
With a benefit accural module available the employee can quickly see their available balance of vacation as well as request days off. The leave request will email their supervisor for approval and then return the response of approved or denied.

Powerful query tools permit supervisors to identify and segment employees by specific selection criteria. Information can be displayed in easy-to-read, tabular report formats, or can be exported in a variety of file formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel and e-mail, l everaging your existing investment and expertise with these programs.
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