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Seamless integration with ERP, HR/Payroll


Barcode, Magnetic, Proximity, Biometric


Managers love the heads-up view


TIMECO is the perfect solution for any size business. Our time and attendance solutions will help your business cost effectively manage and optimize the time and labor resources of your employees. This system seamlessly integrates with your existing HR and payroll application to eliminate manual processes and increase your bottom line.

Dashboard View

Add up to 16 dashboard items to get the exact view you want. Each component is configurable.

Team Punch

With Team Punch and other global features, a supervisor can batch approve, update punches across locations and groups, and email their employees quickly from one place.

Daily Review

Supervisors can see all employees at once, and whether there are any missing time punches or exceptions.


Our mobile app uses a standard punch clock interface. Different colors indicate what has been modified by your workers.

Leave Requests

Leave requests are a breeze, whether from the employee or the supervisor. Employees can request leave or time off and see how many PTO, sick, or vacation days are left.


Geofencing makes it simple to see when people are inside or outside relevant areas by pin colors.

With integration to Payroll and HR systems, proven implementation and ongoing support, we will be with you for the long term.

TIMECO offers time and attendance solutions for workforce management and data collection which include: time and attendance, distribution of labor tracking, scheduling, employee self-service, timesheets, and seamless integration with any ERP or HR/Payroll system.