Get a closer look at TIMECO, the intelligent time tracking management software that unlocks productivity.

Customized Dashboard

Design the dashboard the way you want, you can draw from data sets like clock-in times, PTO hours remaining, salaries, or even team numbers.

Easy to Use. User friendly interface with helpful tools to get your job done easily.

Custom Widgets. Choose from 16 custom widgets unique to your business.

Personalized Setup. Our team will walk you through the set up process.

Clock In and Clock Out

Using geofencing time clock technology allows you to virtually set perimeters for your employees and ensure they are whey they should be during working hours

Mobile Terminals

Use our terminals to track your employees clocking in. We even suppport biometrics, QR and face recognition.

Cross Platfrom Mobile Apps

Employees can use their phones for attendance. We support custom validation parameters

Reduce Time Theft

GPS locations can help verify the time entries employees provide.

Minimize Payroll Errors

Online timesheets lead to a more accurate payroll overall.

Eliminate Paperwork

Employees can clock in or out using their smart phones.

QR, Biometrics or Face Recognition

User one of our Mobile Terminals to quickly Clock-In/out.

Track Time Accurately

Set up alerts if an employee clocks outside the predefined area.

Stop Buddy Punching

Biometric technology eliminates employees from abusing the system.

Real Time Insights

Respond immediately to an urgent situation or confirm employee locations.

Online Timesheets

Finally a timekeeping system that is reliable and accurate. Online timesheets offer many benefits to businesses owners.

Enhance Accuracy. View employee activity to verify time worked and monitor any suspicious changes.

Maintain Compliance. Easily modifying time and leave tracking practices to protect your enterprise.

Consolidate Data. Digitally store and organize your employee and human resources recrods for easy access.

Advanced Scheduling

With just a few clicks, you can schedule weeks, or even months, in advance and make the process faster than ever.

Predict Labor Demand

See where your labor supply falls short and find people with the right qualifications and availability and hire more intentionally.

Prevent Emloyee Burnout

Supporting your employees with automated scheduling helps reduce employee turnover and increases workers satisfaction.

Exceed Customer Expectations

When you use automated scheduling, customers are met by qualified, prepared workers who get the job done on the first try.

Decrease Operating Costs

Plan ahead and stick to your budget. Auutomatically eliminate inefficiencies like overstaffing and needless overtime costs.

Receive Real Time Alerts

If someone doesn’t show up to a shift, your alerts will notify you. You can also publish shifts via email or SMS.

Increase Your Bottom Line

Automated scheduling decreases operating costs, optimizes productivity, reduces errors, and boosts customer service.

Leave Requests

Handle all the stages of leave request including: the application, approval, rejection, filing leaves, leave balance, and analysis.

Boost Compliance. Guarantee employees the leaves they are entitled to and create a culture of trust.

Customize Fields. Allow your staff to configure the fields to fit your organization’s leave policies.

Reduce Paperwork. Employees can request time off through a couple of clicks, no need to print or sign papers.

Improve Communication. Give employees an easy to use portal for requesting time off and seeing their balances.

Expense Tracking

Decrease the time spent calculating and processing expenses and reduce the possibility of errors.

Greater Accuracy. Eliminate the likelihood of manual errors by utilizing a cloud based expense tracking system.

Faster Processes. Automate all the steps needed to track expenses and reimburse employees faster.

Reduce Fraud. Require employees to submit a mandatory photo copy of all receipts before approval.

Improve Visibility. View expenses in real time and better understand your organizations spending.

Increase Compliance. Correctly categorize and identify expenditures, such as for office, travel, mileage, etc.

Customized Reports

Quickly run extensive and easy to read reports in just a few clicks. Customize the data you want to see at any given time.

Attendance Exceptions. Recognize if an employee is continuously late, leaves early, or is absent on a regular basis.

Projected Overtime. Notice if employees who are scheduled exceed any daily, consecutive, or weekly overtime rules.

Time Card. Examine employee punch times by department, job, location, work segment, wage rate, and more.

Missing Punches. View detailed information about absences and missing punches during a specified date range.

Punch Audits. View the history of modifications that have been made to employee punches by date or location.

Total Hours. Determine how many hour or dollars have been incurred by pay category (PTO, OT, Expenses, Holiday, etc).

And much more…

White Label

Customize our software to display your branding colors and overall visual identity.

Compensatory Time

Easily compensate your employees for overtime hours with time off, instead of overtime pay.

Built In Chat

Easily get in touch with individual employees, groups, or your entire organization.

Notifications and Alerts

We offer several built in notifications for Administrators, Managers, and Employees.

Ready to get started?

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Simple Pricing

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